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WAT vehicles

Bus type vehicle

These vehicles may be Vitos, Commuters, Sprinters or Transits. They have been modified to take wheelchairs.

Buses are able to carry 2 wheelchairs and up to 7 passengers depending on the type of bus. When there are no wheelchairs the capacity can increase to 11 passengers depending on the vehicle type.

Most buses have a hydraulic lift fitted at the back of the vehicle. The wheelchairs are then rolled onto the lift platform and raised. This is useful for passengers who cannot be pushed up a ramp.

Other type of WATS Vehicles

Chrysler Voyager - 1 - to 2 wheelchair capacity.

Holden Zafira - 1 wheelchair capacity, rear loading

Kia Carnival -
1 wheelchair plus 4 other passengers

Toyota Tarago - 1 wheelchair plus 4 other passengers


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